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This is the main source of knowledge for everything GESO. An RPing alliance founded with the intention of allowing members to interact and RP with one another on multiple threads throughout NationStates. Membership to the alliance involves agreeing to the GESO Charter and the majority of discussion takes place on our designated Esper channel. 

The goal of this Wiki is to be a one-stop source for all the information you may need with regards to GESO and all of our members. Rather than having to slog your way through countless reams of posts and factbook entries, the hope is that anyone could give a quick glance at a nation's wiki page to know how to interact with them in an RP. This wiki is open to all the members of the alliance, so feel free to make a wikia account and create any pages you want to fluff out both your own nation, and GESO as a whole.

GESO is a FT alliance on If you're a new member looking for an RP, or interested in joining, pop over to our OOC thread or our official IRC channel, #GESO on Esper.

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GESO Joint Actions thread

GESO OOC thread

The GESO News Headquarters

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