Planet by Funeria

Saestea is the largest planet in the Central System of the Lelivan Galaxy. 

It serves as home to the Celestii's Intergalactic Empire. Most of this planet's inhabitants are Saestean and Dateran Celestii. 

The Saestean Celestii gather most of the planet's energy from the planet itself through large cylindrical structures called extractors. (Geothermal energy)

The main mode of transportation on the planet is by train. Ships are used by a very few Celestii. Usually those who are in a hurry or are leaving the planet. Private vehicles are scarce, but not unseen.

The hunting or capture of Saestean fauna is a grave offense to the Empire. Although no Celestii has ever been caught doing such things, there are penalties for this crime should it be committed. For a rare Saestean species, death is often the penalty. For a more common Saestean specie, imprisonment or payment of a large fine is the punishment. The same law is also imposed on other planets in the Central System. Hunting laws on the Outer System are currently unknown.


Saestea is considerably far from Steffa, but is warm nevertheless, thanks to the excessive amount of geothermal energy it gives off. This geothermal energy is not at all lethal to Celestii or indigenous fauna, but volcanic eruptions are more frequent, especially in the Southern areas of the planet. 

The North, or "Thuaidh", is the coldest zone on Saestea. At the farthest point in this zone, temperatures may fall far beneath -0°. Most known species in this zone are large and white-furred. Apparently, there are more herbivores than there are carnivores.

The Southern zone of Saestea is also known as "Theas". If compared to planet Earth, Theas would be marked as Africa, or the savannah of Saestea. The lands are not as dry as those on Earth, however. Waterholes are numerous, and grasslands are wide and rather dangerous as predators become more accustomed to stalking through them.

"Nordväst", or North-East is the most populated zone on Saestea. It houses the largest city on the planet which is Liljenquist, the current imperial capital. As it is inhabited by Celestii which often utilizes machines, animals are not too frequently sighted here. As it is in the North, it is slightly chilly.

"Sydväst", or South-East is a newly established zone. Many of its inhabitants are the Dateran Celestii, likened to the Earth species which is the Fennec fox. Like their cousins, they are more used to warmer climates.

Saestea's South-Western and Western zones are mostly tropical, and are least likely to be habituated by either Celestii or interplanetary fauna. The zone is prone to earthquakes and tidal waves, which usually washes out large portions of the area.


Saestea is largely mountainous, having a few wide grassland plains. There is also more water on Saestea than there is dry land. 

Highest Mount - Kaiser Peak, Gustav, Thuaidh


1.) Vensel Ocean (Largest and Deepest)

2.) Blomstedt Sea

3.) Scoireadh Sea

4.) Emfrid Ocean